NEI Certified

NEI Certification

Dr. Mark Morningstar has successfully completed NeuroScience’s NEI Certification Program.

This means he has successfully mastered the tools and approaches to comprehensively and effectively treat many of the most common, yet complex health concerns. This benefits the patient by providing quicker and more effective health management – saving time and money.

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Dr. Morningstar is a founding member of the Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT). This group was officially founded in 2005 in Milan, Italy, and is comprised of top physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthotists from around the world. It is through this society that Dr. Morningstar continues to spread the word about the non-surgical, exercise-based scoliosis like the ScoliSMART BootCamp.Dr. Morningstar graduated in 2002 from Palmer College in Davenport. He is an attending chiropractic physician at the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center, one of the first multidisciplinary clinics in Michigan offering traditional medicine, pain management, chiropractic rehabilitation, acupuncture, anti-aging medicine, and functional medicine services. Dr. Morningstar is one of only a few chiropractic physicians triple board certified in chiropractic medicine, integrative medicine, and naturopathic medicine. This allows him to provide comprehensive chiropractic rehabilitation and functional medicine strategies for complex spine and neurological disorders such as Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Lyme disease.

Dr. Morningstar’s unique combination of training allows him to care for difficult, chronic pain patients who have tried everything else. By combining the chiropractic rehabilitation and chiropractic neurology with other unique modalities, such as MUA, functional medicine, kinesiotaping, and spinal orthoses, Dr. Morningstar’s patients have achieved an exceptional track record of recovery and healing. Dr. Morningstar has been published several times in the biomedical peer-reviewed literature and is currently working on three books on such subjects as scoliosis and healthy living.