In the age of diagnosis where every illness gets slotted into a diagnosis, some set of symptoms just go undiagnosed. Most joint pain syndromes have some diagnosis or the other, but quite a few tend to go undiagnosed. This is where homeopathy can offer help to patients; homeopathic remedies for joint pains work on a symptom-based system of medicine and the prescription does not get affected by the scientific diagnosis.

Overview of Homeopathic Injectables

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury. As such, redness, pain and swelling are all signs that your body is attempting to heal itself. However, the body may respond too aggressively in some cases, causing an excessive amount of inflammation to develop. When this exaggerated healing response occurs, it can prevent the damaged area from healing properly – leading to long-lasting pain and symptoms. Traumeel is a natural blend of botanical and mineral extracts with the potential ability to neutralize this inflammation, allowing your body to heal properly. Traumeel injections are natural, extremely safe, and produce little to no side effects. In fact, athletes of all levels have treated their injuries with Traumeel only, commonly avoiding steroids, anti-inflammatory medications and narcotics. This treatment approach also enables your body to rebound more quickly, so you can get back to the sport and active lifestyle that you love – rather than waiting for the inflammation to subside on its own.

Zeel® is thought to initiate changes that improve the synovial fluid surrounding the arthritic joint. This leads to improved joint function and less joint stiffness. Zeel® Injection Solution is also thought to slow down the production of physiological messengers that promote pain and inflammation within connective tissue and cartilage.1

1 Gottwald R, Weiser M. Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee with Zeel® Injection Solution T. Medicina Biologica 2000; Vol. 13 No. 4: 109-113.

Spascupreel® Injection Solution is a homeopathic drug indicated for the relief of spasms of the smooth musculature of the gastrointestinal and the urogenital tract as well as general muscle spasms. It is thought that its individual constituents act on the brain-gut axis to relax muscle cramps and restore bowel function. Spascupreel® may also be combined with Traumeel® to treat unspecific back pain, and has also successfully been utilized to do tender/trigger point injections to reduce pain in Fibromyalgia patients.

Engystol® Injection Solution is a homeopathic drug indicated for the support of the immune system to reduce severity and duration of symptoms in viral infections, particularly in the early stages of colds and influenza-like illnesses. The exact mechanism of action of Engystol® is still under investigation.

In vitro tests have demonstrated that Engystol® stimulates the phagocytic activity of human granulocytes by up to 33.5%.1

Further in vitro studies have demonstrated that Engystol® significantly increases the expression of interferon-γ producing T-lymphocytes. Therefore, it appears likely that there is an immunological stimulation caused by Engystol®, that is mediated by the activation of T-lymphocytes. Using Engystol®, therefore, enhanced the Th1 response, this being an antiviral pathway in the body.2

Other studies have indicated that Engystol® is associated with a stimulation of the immune system in terms of granulocyte function and improved humoral response.3, 4

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What to expect from your injections

Your homeopathic injectables will be administered by Dr. Megan Strauchman, our medical director. You should begin to experience relief from your injury within 24-48 hours after your appointment, and most patients may need repeat injections over several weeks for maximum anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. Immediately after your treatment, you’ll be able to resume your normal daily activities without any restrictions. You may experience soreness at the injection site for a few days, but it should subside very quickly. In the meantime, we will provide you with safe ways to manage the discomfort.


Our physicians use products and perform therapies cleared for general use by the United States Food and Drug Administration, but specific indications for treatment have not been evaluated and reviewed by the FDA. You are encouraged to consult with your primary care physician prior to undergoing any type of injection therapy.