At Natural Wellness and Pain Relief Centers of Michigan we are happy to announce we will be carrying new detoxification and oral health products going forwards. MycoPul™ is a new detoxification product and OraMax™ is a combination probiotic designed to promote oral health.

Detoxifying & Fighting Fungus

Introducing MycoPul™, a powerful and new detoxification product that contains a blend of humic/fulvic powder, activated charcoal, zeolite, microchitosan, and silica. Above all, it rids the body of mycotoxins, heavy metals, and other environmental toxins from your digestive tract. Mycotoxins are toxins that mold and fungus produce and molds are all around us. When we inhale their spores, our bodies respond to combat them and that process releases these toxins into our body.

In addition, some people have genetic predispositions that prevent them from mounting an effective immune response by generating antibodies. That means that the immune system gets out of alignment. The liver and digestive system bear the brunt of the burden for detoxifying us when mycotoxins decrease our ability to do so. Without intestinal binders, our guts may reabsorb the toxins in our small intestine, resulting in them recirculating throughout our body. The binders bind to the toxins and allow our bodies to eliminate them.

Some of the patented products in MycoPul™ have removed previously bound substances from the zeolite, therefore it is more free to remove them from our body. Humic and fulvic are general binders used for aflatoxins and aspergillus. The charcoal removes ochratoxins, aflatoxins, trichothecense, and zearalenone while the zeolite eliminates ammonia. Silica supports the mind by helping to eliminate aluminum. MycoPul™ is a great product all around with specific, targeted properties.

Toward a Healthier Mouth

OraMax™ is a brand new product that promotes optimum health for your mouth. Firstly, its formulation promotes a healthy oral microbiome, disrupts plaque, and supports healthy gum tissue by helping to regulate the inflammatory response. Secondarily, it also provides anti-cavity and fresh breath support.

Keep an eye out for these great new detoxification and oral health products, and future additions to our product lines. Ask about our full range of nutritional support products during your next visit!