A new study published late last year has shown that a chronic deficiency of vitamin D can limit the production of B vitamins by our beneficial gut bacteria. More specifically, the researchers found that vitamin D deficiency caused a secondary pantothenic acid deficiency, known as vitamin B5. This B vitamin is important for normal production of the primary parasympathetic neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

To test their hypothesis, the researchers analyzed 1000 patients who had been given vitamin D for 3 months. At 3 months, patients reported improved sleep, reduced musculoskeletal pain, and a resolution of bowel symptoms.

This is a significant finding, considering patients in our geographic latitude are vitamin D deficient for much of the year due to lack of sun exposure. Perhaps this is not coincidental, considering other researchers have shown that maintaining a healthy D levels can minimize Crohn’s disease activity.

This B vitamin production is also important for normal neurological function, as well as to allow for the normal production of cortisol, one of our most important anti-inflammatory and stress-fighting hormones.

This is yet another study showing the importance of vitamin D. We’ve already discussed it’s association with breast cancer, bone mineral density, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Thankfully, replenishing this vitamin is quite simple and inexpensive. Our office carries a vitamin D capsule that contains 50,000 IU. We often recommend taking such capsule twice weekly, which seems to keep most of our patients at a vitamin D blood level between 80-120. We consistently notice that our patients with the highest levels of this vitamin seem to manage autoimmune and chronic infectious diseases much better. The great part…..the supplement costs $8 for nearly a 2-month supply. For more information, contact Stacy at our office, 810.694.3576, or by email at info@nwprc.com.