Grand Blanc, MI – Lyme disease is the fastest growing tick-borne illness in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Approximately 300,000 people are infected with Lyme disease each year, an alarming number. The staggering statistics continue: according to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), 50% of all ticks carry the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi; 50% of people with Lyme disease do not recall getting bit by a tick in the first place, and 40% of patients infected with Lyme disease develop long-term health problems.

“It is important that people suspected of having Lyme disease are appropriately diagnosed and tested initially,” says Dr. Megan Strauchman, medical director of the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center in Grand Blanc. “The Borrelia bacteria that causes Lyme disease is often present with other co-infections, such as Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Rickettsia” she continues. According to Dr. Strauchman, Lyme and it’s co-infections cause a variety of seemingly unrelated health symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, inability to handle stress effectively, hormone imbalances, widespread joint pain and/or swelling, migrating skin rashes, brain fog, heart palpitations, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr. Mark Morningstar, chiropractic neurologist at the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center, explains, “Conventional treatment strategies for Lyme disease are essentially about killing the pathogens. However, the typically antibiotic therapies employed have long-term side effects, including destruction of the normal bacteria in the digestive tract. Therefore, an optimal, comprehensive treatment strategy should include therapies to help the patient’s body and immune system fight of the infection naturally, and build the body up enough that the risk of relapse after treatment has ended is far less.”

At their center, Drs. Strauchman and Morningstar provide a comprehensive array of therapies used in specific combinations for patients with Lyme disease. These therapies include IV antioxidant therapy, antibiotic therapies, antiviral and antiparasitic therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement, rife machine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, dry infrared sauna therapy, adrenal fatigue protocols, and methylation support. “We find that different people infected with Lyme can have distinctly different clinical manifestations. We feel that these are likely the product of each patient’s health status prior to getting Lyme disease. People with blood sugar problems, slow healing, hypothyroidism, gluten sensitivity, and immune system dysfunction are more likely to have long-term health problems as a result of Lyme infection,” states Dr. Strauchman.

The Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center is one of the few Lyme treatment centers throughout the country providing such comprehensive Lyme treatment. For more information on Lyme disease, or to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Strauchman or Dr. Morningstar, contact them at 810.694.3576

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